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Riggins Collision: Estimates

Most estimates can be completed in our parking lot in about fifteen minutes on average. Someone is always available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday excluding holidays to write estimates for you, and the best part is that they are free! Following are a few things to keep in mind while obtaining estimates.

Towing to our facility is covered by collision or comprehensive insurance.

As long as you have experienced a loss covered by your collision or comprehensive coverage or the at fault party’s liability coverage, and your vehicle is not safely or legally driveable you will not have to pay for towing your vehicle to the nearest collision repair shop. Don’t waste time and money towing your vehicle home or to an impound yard when it could be taken directly to a shop where estimators and adjusters have access to begin helping you get your car repaired. Most towing companies know all the shops and their locations. If you already know you want us to do the repairs, have your car delivered directly to us!

No one has the right to require you to get more than one estimate.

Whether it be your insurance company, someone else’s insurance company, or your neighbor who just backed into your car and wants to pay for the damages without insurance involvement, you should never be required to take your vehicle to more than one facility to obtain an estimate for repairs. If you have already chosen the shop you want to repair your vehicle, then theirs is the only estimate you need. Any other party that wants a second opinion about the cost to repair your vehicle can send or hire their own appraiser to assess your damages (with your permission). Of course, YOU can require as many estimates as you want. It is your car and your choice what party repairs it and looks at it! It is reasonable and customary for insurers and even individuals to send appraisers out to estimate damages. We work with these adjusters and appraisers on a regular basis and keep you informed as to any differences in their assessments. We can work directly from their estimate and often negotiate with auto dealers to get factory parts for the same or similar price as the alternative parts provided for.

Estimates are only estimates.

In many cases it is very difficult to see all the damage done to a vehicle without disassembling it. We try to include all visible damage in our estimates, and to provide for all the parts and labor that will be necessary to restore your vehicle to pre accident condition, however, it is unethical to guess about parts that are hidden. That is why estimates are only estimates until the vehicle is disassembled, parts pricing is verified and any diagnostics the vehicle needs are completed.

Compare apples to apples!

It has often been said that anyone can write a lower estimate. This is very true! Many shops intentionally overlook damage in order to provide the lowest estimate, and then surprise their customers with large supplements after the car is torn apart in their shops. We are as thorough as possible when writing estimates. We would rather lose your business once than lose your trust forever! Also beware of estimators that claim they can "save" your deductible. Modern reputable body shops must endure enormous overhead, and keep their pricing as low as they can to remain competitive. Typically the only way to cut costs is to either sacrifice the integrity of the repair or to charge your insurance company for something that does not need to be done. It logically follows that anyone who would be dishonest with an insurer would do the same to you. If you have more than one person assess the damage to your vehicle, make sure both parties are looking at the same damage and that they are aware of anything that happened during the accident that may not be obviously related such as seat belt malfunctions, warning lights, or steering problems. This will help keep your estimates consistent.

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